Session Summaries ICC19

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TO1 – High Capacity and Commercial Cryocoolers (chairs: Peter Bradley and Thierry Trollier)
Alan Caughley Results from a year of running a 12 L/hour pulse tube liquefier in an industrial application
Jeffrey Gardiner Smart energy compact chiller for helium compressors
Jens Hoehne Dry compact 1kW compressor for GM- and pulse tube cryocoolers
Kenta Yumoto Reliability evaluation of Stirling cryocooler for an electric vehicle high temperature superconducting motor system
Stefano Spagna A low maintenance and vibration 4 K G-M cryo-refrigerator with independent variable speed and valve timing
Daming Sun Study on a single-stage high cooling capacity Stirling cryocooler capable of providing 1050 W cooling power at 77K
Daming Sun Cooling power extraction from a high cooling capacity Stirling cooler aimed at LNG BOG liquefaction
Chao Wang A 4 K pulse tube cryocooler with larger cooling capacity
TO2 – Brayton and Joule-Thomson Cryocoolers (chairs: Mark Zagarola and Sangkwon Jeong)
Dongli Liu Experimental study on a precooled JT cryocooler working at liquid helium temperature-open cycle
Dimitri Deserranno Performance testing of a high effectiveness recuperator for high capacity turbo-Brayton cryocoolers
Julien Tanchon A Turbo-Brayton cryo-cooler for future observation satellite generation
Ken Cragin Performance testing of a high capacity compressor for a 20K 20W cryocooler
Mark Zagarola Characterization of emitted vibration from Turbo-Brayton cryocoolers
TO3 – Stirling and Pulse Tube Cryocoolers (chairs: Ted Nast and Gan Zhihua)
Shaowei Zhu Gas spring effect in a displacer pulse tube refrigerator
Doug Wilcox 5W at 77K without breaking the bank
Kun Yang Investigation on the embedded Stirling cryocooler
Xiaomin Pang Development of a two-stage Stirling type pulse tube cooler
Matthew Perrella Theoretical design and optimization of a next-generation, two-stage, 20W at 20K pulse tube cryocooler
Tao Fang Investigation of gravitational effects in pulse tube cryocoolers using 3-D CFD
C.H. Yin A design on a two-stage Stirling/pulse tube hybrid Cryocooler
TP1 – Joule-Thomson / Sorption Cryocoolers (chairs: Nir Tzabar and Marcel ter Brake)
Ho-Myung Chang Modified Brayton refrigeration cycles for liquid hydrogen in spallation neutron source moderator
Junghyun Yoo Investigation of the flow boiling heat transfer coefficient characteristic for non-flammable cryogenic mixed refrigerant
Cheonkyu Lee Development of cascade non-flammable mixed refrigerant Joule-Thomson refrigerator for 100 K
Aman Dhillon Parametric analysis of turbo-Brayton cycle for HTS power applications for different loads and temperature levels
David Plachta In-Space cryogenic propellant storage applications for a 20K 20W cryocooler
Yuexue Ma Research on 100mW@6K space Joule-Thomson cryocooler
Elijah Shoemake Vortex cooling of cryogenic hydrogen
Xin Li Investigation of an adsorption refrigeration model with correlative experiments
TP2 – Regenerators (chairs: Weibo Chen and Jim Butterworth)
Shinji Masuyama A double pipe regenerator for a 4K Gifford-McMahon cryocooler
Jia Quan Influence of regenerative material on performance of 6K level high frequency pulse tube cryocooler
Matthew Perrella Periodic flow hydrodynamic resistance parameters for multiple regenerator filler materials at cryogenic temperatures
Rajendra Kumar Finite element analysis of magnetically augmented regenerators in cryocoolers
Menglin Liang Analysis of phase distribution in regenerator based on Lagrange method
TO4 – Advanced Analysis and Modeling (chairs: Gershon Grossman and Sonny Yi)
Qiang Cao Real gas effects on the COP of regenerators working at low temperatures
Yang Sen Numerical simulation and experimental analysis of Stirling type pulse tube refrigerator with an active phase control
Zhongzheng Zhang An overview of the theoretical research on vibration suppression for space cryocoolers
Longyi Wang Electric-mechanical-acoustic coupling characteristics for pulse tube cryocoolers
C.H. Yin Measurement of RRR for aluminum alloy based on a cryocooler
Fatih Can Design of miniature bellow in a conceptual Joule-Thomson cooler
Muhammad Sajid Kamran Performance assessment of a pulse tube cryocooler using different regenerator configurations
WO5 – Aerospace Missions (chairs: Ted Conrad and Elaine Lim)
Ali Kashani Testing of a GM compressor for deployment onboard SOFIA aircraft
Katsuhiro Narasaki Lifetime test and heritage on orbit of SHI coolers for space use
Xiaoyi Li Design of superconducting gravity gradiometer cryogenic system for Mars mission
Ingo Ruehlich Status of AIM space cryocoolers
WP3 – Cryocooler Miniaturization (chairs: Alex Veprik and Jimmy Wade)
Hao Sun Overview of micro-miniature Stirling cryocoolers for high temperature applications
Houlei Chen Efficient miniature pulse tube cooler
Tang Qingjun Development of a miniature coaxial pulse tube cryocooler for a high pure germanium γ-detector
Hemanth Kumar Fabrication of MEMS linear actuator
Zheng Zhenzhen Experimental study for optimizing the cold finger of a miniature Stirling cryocooler
WP4 – Stirling/Pule Tube Modeling and Sim (chairs: Alex Veprik and Jimmy Wade)
Guoyao Yu Study of a 300 Hz three-stage traveling-wave thermoacoustic heat engine by computational fluid dynamics
Yong-Ju Hong Numerical investigation of environmental temperature on performance of integral crank driven Stirling cryocooler
Xintong Liu Investigation of a 40K single stage pulse tube cryocooler
WP5 – High Capacity Commercial/Lab Cryocoolers (chairs: Alan Caughley and Chao Wang)
Junseok Ko Progress in development of high capacity Stirling cryocooler using a linear compressor
Qian Bao Development status of a high cooling capacity single stage GM cryocooler
Kuizhang Zhu Design of long life linear compressor without oil
Thierry Trollier 20K cryogenic helium forced flow circulation loop
Philip Spoor Toward a quantified understanding of cryocooler contamination
Inmyong Park Performance analysis of the active magnetic regenerative refrigerator with the conduction cooled HTS magnet
Jong Baik Development of a mechanical-magnetic hybrid refrigeration system for hydrogen liquefaction and recondensation
WO6 – Cryocooler Control Electronics (chairs: Tonny Benschop and Dan Kuo)
Eric Marquardt Ball Aerospace Scalable Configurable Cryocooler Electronics (SCCE)
Arnaud Gardelein Challenges in electronics design and qualification for earth observation pulse tube space coolers
Kerry Frohling Characterization testing of Iris cryocooler electronics
Mitul Jambusaria Integrated cryocooler assemblies for miniature satellite applications
Dave Harvey James Webb Space Telescope Mid Infra-Red Instrument cryocooler electronics
Ted Conrad Low Temperature RSP2 production cryocooler and electronics performance
WO7 – Advanced Cryocooler Components (chairs: Ingo Ruelich and Jennifer Marquardt)
Takashi Nakagawa Cooling power of 4K-GM cryocooler using ErxHo1-xN as regenerator materials
Thierry Trollier Flexible thermal link assemblies solutions for space applications
Julien Tanchon Design of a flight like cryostat for 30-50K two-stage pulse tube cooler integration
Yongsu Kim Performance of Sunpower cryocooler with high heat capacity regenerator
Weibo Chen Thermal test results of an advanced 4K regenerator with non-rare earth material
Michael Petach Mid InfraRed Instrument (MIRI) Cooler Compressor Assembly Characterization
WO8 – Cryocooler Integration and Applications (chairs: John Russo and Daniel Willems)
Denis Urbain Improved power efficiency for cryogenics at the VLA
Sastry Pamidi Design of a versatile cryogenic helium gas circulation system consisting of multiple cryocoolers for superconducting power devices
Adam Swanger Advanced liquid hydrogen operations using integrated refrigeration and storage
Michael Green Connecting coolers to S/C magnets with a thermal-siphon cooling loop
Fanjie Li Design a cryocooler platform for effective thermal conductivity measurement of MLI
Conrado Rillo Cryocooler-based helium recovery plant for applications requiring gas or liquid with extreme purity
Quan Li Cryocooler for 10 MW HTS Wind Power Generator
THO9 – Very Low Temperature Cryocoolers (chairs: Peter Shirron and Melora Larson)
Diego Augusto Development of a 3 stage ADR for space
Lionel Duband Qualification program of the engineering model of the 50 mK hybrid sorption-ADR cooler
Hidehito Fukuda Development of two stages adiabatic demagnetization refrigerator
Michael DiPirro Initial on-orbit performance of the ASTRO-H/SXS liquid helium and adiabatic demagnetization refrigerator system
Martin Crook Development of a 2K Joule-Thomson closed-cycle cryocooler
THP6 – Stirling / Pulse Tube Development (chairs: Mostafa Ghiaasiaan and Ryan Yates)
Chuanlin Yin The study on the effect of gas contamination in Stirling cryocooler
Peter Iredale Small scale cooler – extending space developed technology into adjacent markets
Ali Kashani A pulse tube cooler employing a cold compressor
Thomas Prouve Ongoing developments on the 30K-50K two stage EM pulse tube cold finger for space applications
Ted Conrad Raytheon high frequency pulse tube cryocooler testing
THP7 – Pulse Tube Phase Shifting (chairs: Ray Radebaugh and Thomas Mulcahey)
Dmitry Radchenko Passive mechanical device for phase shifting in a pulse tube cryocooler
Sergey Sobol Diaphragm-type mechanism for passive phase shifting in miniature PT cryocooler
Jiho Park Experimental investigation of piston-free expander accompanied by cold linear compressor
Tang Qingjun Investigation on the phase shifting characteristics of the inertance tubes in small scale pulse tube cryocoolers
Wenjie Zhou The performance of parallel threaded adjustable inertance tubes
THO10 – Cryocooler Miniaturization (chairs: Lionel Duband and Markus Mai)
Daniel Willems Miniature Stirling cryocoolers at Thales Cryogenics: Qualification results and integration solutions
Alexander Veprik Multimodal tuned dynamic absorber for split Stirling linear cryocooler
Ian McKinley Characterization testing of Lockheed Martin MatISSE microcryocooler
Ted Nast Development of microcryocoolers for space and avionics applications
 Marcel ter Brake  High-efficiency Joule-Thomson cryocoolers with an ejector
THO11 – Aerospace Cryocoolers (chairs: Perry Ramsey and Paul Bailey)
Daniel Willems LPT6510 pulse-tube cooler for 60- 150 K applications
Daniel Willems LPT9310 COTS cooler for ECOSTRESS
James Butterworth European 15K pulse tube cooler for space
Thierry Wiertz Qualification of a European large pulse tube cooler system for space applications
Ted Nast Evolution of a 4-Stage pulse tube cryocooler for 4 K cooling in space
Ted Conrad Demonstration of two stage temperature control for Raytheon hybrid cryocoolers
Perry Ramsey Development of a turn Key cryogenic cooling module for space flight based on a commercial cryocooler
THO12 – JT/Sorption Hybrid Cryocoolers (chairs: John Pfotenhauer and Jeff Olson)
Nir Tzabar Experimental verification of a numerical model for predicting the adsorption of mixed gases
Nir Tzabar Cooling temperatures of binary mixed refrigerants: vapor-liquid-liquid equilibrium versus vapor-liquid equilibrium
Rajendra Kumar Hybrid cryogenic refrigerator: Coupling of pulse tube refrigeration and active magnetic regenerative refrigeration system
Jeffrey Olson JT micro compressor test results
Marcel ter Brake TRL5 vibration-free sorption-based cooler for 15 – 30 K


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