ICC21 Committee & Board

ICC21 Conference Chairman

Sastry Pamidi
Florida State University

Local Organizing Committee

Nancy Mclean, FSU/CAPS

Chul Han Kim, FSU/CAPS

Program Chairman

Carl Kirkconnell, West Coast Solutions, USA- Past Chair ICC15
Email: icc21program@cryocooler.org

Conference Proceedings Co-editors

Ron Ross (also Webmaster) - Past Chair ICC8
NASA Jet Propulsion Lab (Retired)
Email: ICCeditor@charter.net

Jeff Raab Past Chairman ICC17
Northrop Grumman Aerospace Systems (Retired)


Saul Miller, The Aerospace Corp. (Retired)

Registered Agent

Ray Radebaugh, (NIST) (retired), USA - Past Chair ICC3


Ryan Taylor, Ball Aerospace
Email: rtaylor2@ball.com

Board of Directors

Sastry Pamidi Florida State Univ., USA - Chairman ICC21
Mark Zagarola, Creare,USA - Past Chairman ICC20
Dean Johnson, JPL, USA - Past Chairman ICC19
Martin Crook, Rutherford Appleton Lab, UK
Wei Dai, Technical Institute of Physics and Chemistry, China
Lionel Duband, Commissariat a l’Engergie Atomique, France
Zhihua Gan, Zhejiang University, China
Carl Kirkconnell, West Coast Solutions, USA
- Past Chair ICC15 Franklin Miller, Univ. of Wisconsin, USA
Jeff Raab, NGAS (Retired), USA Past Chairman ICC17
Ron Ross, Jet Propulsion Lab (Retired), USA
- Past Chair ICC8 Peter Shirron, NASA GSFC, USA
Julien Tanchon, Absolut System SAS, France
Ryan Taylor, Ball Aerospace, USA
Marcel ter Brake, Univ. of Twente, The Neatherlands


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