ICC21 Meeting Overview

The ICC21 Conference Board has established the Overall Format for our December 7-10, 2020 Virtual Conference, and ICC21 Staff are actively working out the final details. A Summary-level Overview is provided below.

Meeting Format: 

As shown in the above table, the ICC21 Conference will consist of four days of meetings, each day about two hours in length, and consisting of a Plenary talk on that day's Theme, followed by a panel discussion describing the submitted papers associated with that day's theme. Individual ICC21 Submitted papers will not be presented in real time, but will instead be posted on the ICC website for viewing by paid attendees during the conference and up through the end of January 2021.   The Submitted papers will consist of prerecorded YouTube-style videos of slides with narration AND a standalone PowerPoint slide packages for those wanting to quickly scan through the charts.  Detailed Instructions for generation of Slides and Videos for Submitted Papers are provided under the Authors Tab.

Separate instructions are included for Plenary Speakers and Panel Discussion panelists.

The Program features a Plenary talk each day of the conference covering the following four Theme areas:

Day 1 (Dec 7): Aerospace Applications and Stirling & PT Cooler Devel.

Day 2 (Dec 8): Brayton, J-T and Low Temperature Cooler Devel.

Day 3 (Dec 9) PT & Stirling Cooler Components and Modeling

Day 4 (Dec 10) Commercial & Lab Cooler Applications & Integration Tech.

Also included will be an open-mic session proceeding each Plenary for ICC folks to informally socialize via Zoom.

The draft Program of Papers (Click HERE for Preliminary Program Book) includes abstracts submitted by ICC21 Authors to our Spring-2020 Call-for-Papers AND 23 new papers covering achievements since our Spring-2020 Call.

As with past ICC conferences, Formal written manuscripts covering the details of the Author's work will be published in our hard-cover proceedings book Cryocoolers 21, shipped to paid attendees approximately six months after the conference.

Registration: ICC21 Registration will be web-based and available starting around November 1, 2020; it will be available anytime up through the last day of the conference. There will be two fee structures: a higher one ($200) for regular attendees , and a reduced fee ($100) for students and retirees.  All registered ICC21 attendees will be listed on the website with Attendee privileges, meaning they have access to the Zoom Plenary presentations, the recorded Author presentations, and the contact information database of fellow attendees...and will receive the Cryocoolers 21 Proceedings.

Final Preparation: Detailed meeting specifics such as Plenary speaker and Panel Discussion panelist assignments are being finalized.  Program updates will be communicated quickly via email and posting on this ICC website.

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