ICC21 Manuscript Preparation Instructions

Paper Format and Typing Style

All submitted manuscripts for ICC21 will be published in color in the conference proceedings book, Cryocoolers 21, following peer review and final editing for consistency with the book's format requirements.  To provide a uniform look to the book and expedite its preparation, it is important that the ICC format requirements defined in the ICC Format Instructions be strictly followed.

The Typing Instructions, which are printed in the required style, provide detailed guidelines for type fonts, line spacing, margins, artwork quality, and treatment of references.

Because the Proceedings is printed in color, authors are encouraged to use color graphics in their manuscripts, but to also make sure the color is easily interpreted by those that may receive a paper copy in B&W.

To avoid having your paper rejected for major problems, strictly follow the format guidelines and pay particular attention to the "Figure Internal Font and Line-Weight Guidelines" on Pg. 3 and the "How to Avoid Paper Returns for Rework," attached as page 5 of the instructions.

Links to the detailed formatting instructions as well as templates for both Letter and A4 formats are provided below:

Manuscript Submittal Process

Camera-ready technical manuscripts should be uploaded to the ICC21 Proceedings Editors using the ICC21 Author Upload Site by the end of the ICC21 Zoom Conference (December 10, 2020).

Click HERE to Upload Paper Manuscripts and Copyright Forms

To expedite the production of the Proceedings, the primary input should be an electronic version of your manuscript saved as an MS Word file (*.doc or *.docx).  If an Adobe Acrobat PDF file is also submitted, make sure the file is saved with high resolution graphics and with all fonts embedded.

In addition, each submitted paper must be accompanied with a completed and signed Copyright Release Form.  A scanned in copy (PDF) should be uploaded at the same time as your manuscript.

In Summary, please upload the following:

  • An electronic version (*.doc or *.docx) of your paper manuscript.
  • A scanned in copy (PDF) of your completed and signed Copyright Release Form (.pdf)

All papers will be peer reviewed for format and technical content prior to selection for publication in the ICC conference proceedings. Strict adherence to the established format is required for consideration.

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