Oral Virtual Presentation Instructions

(EARLY DRAFT for ICC21 Virtual Conference)

Oral "Video" Presentation Overview

Oral Papers will be presented as 15-minute (or less) YouTube-style videos of slides with accompanying recorded audio track describing the slides.  Each oral talk will be available on the ICC website for viewing by paid attendees both during the conference and after the conference until January 31, 2021. 

Video Presentation Digital File Format and Naming

Allowable computer file formats will include MP4 and perhaps others (TBD).  Maximum file size shall be restricted to < 100MB (TBC).  This will require a high compression (which is available with slides) as opposed to a GoPro-type action video (which can be >3 GB for a 15-minute MP4 video).

Your submitted file should be named with the session and paper number in the following format: (session)- (paper number)–ICC21. For example, TO2-05-ICC21.MP4

Oral Presentation Digital File Submission Date

Oral presenters are required to upload an electronic version of their presentation to the Conference Server (TBD) between November 1 and November 30, 2020.  Early submission is highly encouraged to allow early proofing of your successful upload and linking to the conference website.

Candidate Recording Software

Various software are available for recording a "slides with audio track" type presentation.  Examples are described below:

NCH "Debut"

NCH's "Debut" software performs video screen capture with simultaneous audio recording in an inexpensive software package (Click for Debut Overview slides).  This software requires that you first prepare your slide presentation via PowerPoint or other presentation software; then you manually playback the slides on your computer while Debut captures the slide images and your running commentary. The video is captured with mouse movements, so the mouse can be used to point to key features on your slides during the presentation.  Audio is captured via your webcam or computer microphone. The following example presentation was prepared using Debut: Click for Debut Example Video Presentation.  This example is a ~50MB MP4 file.



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