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At this time, the ICC21 Staff & Board are working out the details of a new expanded format for the Conference including both face-to-face attendees as well as attendees joining via web links (Zoom).  A Summary-level description is provided below.

Proposed New November 2020 ICC21 Meeting Format: This format tries to accommodate the needs of both attendees that prefer the face-to-face experience of an on-site conference, as well as those wanting to share in the technical program, but who are unable to travel to the conference in person.

Oral Papers: The conference format is expected to consist of a mixture of real-time face-to-face oral presentations by on-site authors, while some oral papers will be presented in real time by remote authors using Zoom.  All oral presentations (Face-to-face and Call-in Zoom) would be available real time via Zoom for remote call-in attendees.  In addition, all oral presentations would be recorded and posted on the ICC website for playback by any registered attendees (on-site or virtual) during a 1-month period following the conference — this would allow all oral presentations to be selectively viewed later by any paid attendee without the constraints of the original presentation time slots or awkward times in their home time zone. 

Poster Papers: A variety of poster-paper options are being explored.  One candidate of interest would have Poster papers provided digitally as slides with sound recording (like YouTube presentations) that would be screened during the conference poster sessions.  The poster-paper videos would also be available on the ICC website for all paid attendees (on-site or virtual) to view at their leisure anytime during the conference or in a 1-month period following the conference.

Registration: Registration would be web-based accompanied by on-site registration and available at anytime up through the last day of the conference. There would be two fee structures: a higher one for on-site attendees , and a reduced fee (~$100 - $150) for virtual attendees who do not take part in the ICC21 on-site activities, banquet, etc. All registered ICC21 attendees would be listed on the website with Attendee privileges, meaning they have access to the recorded presentations and the contact information database of fellow attendees.

Cryocoolers 21 Publication:  Authors would upload camera-ready manuscripts via the ICC website for publication in our hard-bound Cryocoolers 21 book.  As usual, a copy of Cryocoolers 21 will be shipped to all paid attendees (on-site and virtual) approximately 6 months after the conference. 

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