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Due to the continuing situation with the COVID-19 corona virus, the ICC21 Conference Board has formally moved ICC21 to a NEW DATE: December 7-10, 2020 and will use a totally Virtual Format with Zoom as the primary media.  ICC21 Staff are actively working out the details of the new virtual format for the Conference. A Summary-level description is provided below.

Proposed New December 2020 ICC21 Meeting Format: Our new All-Virtual format tries to accommodate the travel and meeting constraints imposed by the worldwide Corona Virus while preserving the desire of our worldwide cryocooler colleagues to exchange ideas and publish their research work. 

Each day of the 4-day conference will feature a Plenary Presentation providing an overview of Cryocooler Recent Progress in an important area of interest.  The venue will also include some Open-mic Sessions for ICC folks to informally socialize via Zoom.

Oral papers as well as Poster papers will be available to paid attendees on the ICC website for viewing at any time during and after the conference up through January 31, 2021. Oral papers will consist of 15-minute prerecorded YouTube-style videos of slides with narration, while Poster papers will consist of PowerPoint slide presentations without recorded narration.

As with past ICC conferences, Formal written manuscripts covering the details of the Author's work will be published in our hard-cover proceedings book Cryocoolers 21, shipped to paid attendees approximately six months after the conference.

The new December 2020 venue builds upon the 100 abstracts ICC21 Author's submitted to our Spring-2020 Call-for-Papers AND some Late News papers covering recent important cryocooler achievements since our Spring-2020 Call.  The Late News Call for Papers is now OPEN (Click Here).

Note that the ICC21 Conference is a 4-day conference this December.  The CSA Foundations of Cryocoolers Short Course is being held in stages this year as a separate virtual webinar with sessions from October 6 to 29. 

Registration: ICC21 Registration will be web-based and available starting around November 1, 2020; it will be available anytime up through the last day of the conference. There will be two fee structures: a higher one (~$200) for regular attendees , and a reduced fee (~$150) for students and retirees.  All registered ICC21 attendees will be listed on the website with Attendee privileges, meaning they have access to the Zoom Plenary presentations, the recorded Author presentations, and the contact information database of fellow attendees...and will receive the Cryocoolers 21 Proceedings.

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