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Panel Discussion Presentation Instructions

Conference Presentation Overview

The ICC21 4-day Conference features four Plenary Presentations, each in one of the four topical Theme Areas of the conference: 

    Day 1 (Dec 7): Aerospace Applications and Stirling & PT Cooler Development

     Day 2 (Dec 8): Brayton, J-T and Low Temperature Cooler Development

     Day 3 (Dec 9) PT & Stirling Cooler Components and Modeling

     Day 4 (Dec 10) Commercial & Lab Cooler Applications & Integration Tech.

As noted in the above table, each day's meeting will start with a 30 minute Open-mic "Social Zoom" session when all zoom attendees will be able to see and talk to each other.  At the start of the formal meeting (10am U.S. EST), external folks will be muted and videos turned off; then The Conference Chair will have some welcome remarks, and the Plenary Speaker will be introduced.

The Plenary talks will then be followed by a panel discussion addressing the ICC21 papers in that day's theme area and personal comments of the panelists.  As noted in the above table, the completion of the Panel Discussions will end the ICC21 activities for each day. 

Note that the actual ICC21 authors papers will not be presented in real time; they will be available on the ICC website for viewing by paid attendees any time during the Conference or after the conference up until January 31, 2021. 

Content Guidance for Panel Discussion Panelists

The key point of the Panel Discussions is to highlight author papers of particular note in the day's Theme Area and to discuss important worldwide events and accomplishments in the days theme area.  Feel free to discuss personal knowledge of activities in the theme area that would be interesting to the broad audience.  Also, if there are papers outside of the theme area's listed papers, but very relevant to the theme area, feel free to point them out and discuss them also.  An example might be an important Commercial Application of a J-T cooler in Day 4's Session 11 that would be very interesting to the folks in Day 2's J-T cooler Theme.

As useful information, the list of submitted papers with linked abstracts is AVAILABLE HERE and the Preliminary PDF book of abstracts of the submitted papers is ATTACHED HERE.

Note that both the Plenary presentations and the Panel Discussions will be recorded as videos, to be made available on the conference website for viewing by paid attendees up until January 31, 2021.  Conference staff will be responsible for the recordings and posting of the recordings on the ICC website.

NEEDED Panel Discussion Speaker inputs and Schedule Milestones

October 20: Brief Affiliation/Bio and Portrait due.  Please email to Ron at: ICCwebmaster@charter.net

December 6 to 10: Review Author supplied Slides and Videos as they become available on the website.  Access to slides and videos opens December 6 under the "Conference" tab.

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