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Plenary 4: (Thursday, December 10)
Actualizing the Abstract - How the Cryo
Industry Takes Ideas and Provides Proven
Technology for Diverse Applications

by Parminder Banga, Xihuan Hao, Timothy Hanrahan
Cryomech, Inc., Syracuse, New York

Plenary 4 Abstract

Over the past 55 years, Cryomech has been a leading supplier of low-temperature cryogenic solutions for Industrial and Laboratory applications. Many of these solutions begin with just a paper concept to fulfill the needs of a diverse application challenge.  Involvement in this industry has provided us a unique window into some of the world’s most cutting-edge cryogenic applications. In this talk we explore three of these diverse and scientifically challenging applications of cryogenic cooling.   In particular we will delve into applications in fusion energy, black hole imaging, and superconducting squid technology. Specific examples in each of these areas will describe both the application and the cryogenic technology we developed to support the application.

The Plenary Speakers:
Parminder Banga is the Engineering Manager at Cryomech.  After graduating from University at Buffalo in 2007, Parminder joined Cryomech and over the past 12 years has led a number Engineering and Operations teams with primary focus on product realization, new product integration and product qualification.

Dr. Xihuan Hao is a Cryogenic Research & Development Engineer at Cryomech, holds a Ph.D. in Cryogenic Engineering, and has over a decade of experience working in the US cryogenic industry.  He has expertise in developing 4K and 10K cryocoolers, helium compressors, cryopumps and compact helium liquefiers. Xihuan has authored over 30 peer reviewed scholarly papers, holds four patents and has won numerous honors and awards including the George T. Mulholland Memorial Award for Excellence in Cryogenic Engineering, awarded by Cryogenic Society of America (CSA) in 2015.

Tim Hanrahan joined the Research and Development team at Cryomech in 2016 after graduating from Syracuse University. His focus has been in new and custom product development for a variety of applications. Tim has worked on an array of new cryogenic products including cryocoolers, cryostats, and cold helium circulation systems, with a primary emphasis on thermal analysis, new product testing and system qualification.

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