ICC21 Post-Meeting Overview

ICC21 was a great success with over 160 paid attendees, 67 contributed papers, 4 plenary talks, and four panel discussions.  The contributed manuscripts are available NOW under the Past Proceedings tab of this website.  The hard bound proceedings was shipped to paid attendees in July 2021.


Meeting Summary: 

As shown in the above table, the ICC21 Conference consisted of four days of meetings, each day about two hours in length, and consisting of a Plenary talk on that day's Theme, followed by a panel discussion of the submitted papers associated with that day's theme.

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Individual ICC21 Submitted papers were posted as slides and videos on the ICC website for viewing by paid attendees up through the end of March 2021.  A total of 67 papers were posted on the site, 40 of which had accompanying videos.  In addition, the slides and videos of the four Plenary talks and four Panel Discussions were also posted.  Registration ended December 10 with a total of 161 registrants from around the world (Click for a summary of attendees).

Conference Proceedings

A total of 62 formal written manuscripts covering the details of the Author's work were submitted and are available NOW under the Past Proceedings tab of this website. Our hard-cover proceedings book Cryocoolers 21, was shipped to paid attendees the first week of July 2021.

ICC21 Best Student Paper Awards

    This conference, the Best Student Paper was selected as:

"The Development of an Active Magnetic Regenerative Refrigerator (AMRR) for
Sub-Kelvin Cooling of Space Science Instrumentation"

C.M. Gunderson, G.F. Nellis, F.K. Miller, Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison, Madison, WI

In addition, the following Best Student Paper Runner-Up Paper was also selected for an Award:

 "Boundary Layer Losses in a Miniaturized Tapered Pulse Tube"
A. Ghavami, S.M. Ghiaasiaan, Georgia Tech, Atlanta, GA; C. Kirkconnell, WCS, Huntington Beach, CA

Both awards are sponsored by Cryomech, Inc. and will include a plaque and honorarium presented at ICC22 in Bethlehem, PA in June 1922.

ICC21 Exceptional Service Awards

This conference, two Exceptional Service Awards were presented: to Dr. Ray Radebaugh (retired NIST) and Dr. Ron Ross (retired JPL) for their exceptional contributions to the ICC over many years.  Ray has attended all ICC conferences since its beginning in 1980, was Chair of the 3rd ICC, and has taught numerous Cryocooler short courses over the years.  Ron started with ICC 5 and Chaired ICC8, at which point he started editing the ICC proceedings, which he has been doing now for 26 years.  Both awards were sponsored by Sumitomo (SHI) Cryogenics of America and included the shown plaque and an honorarium.

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