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Past Proceedings

The Early Days:
The International Cryocooler Conference has been publishing its works since its first Conference in 1980. The first seven conferences were typically sponsored by a government organization heavily involved in the field of cryogenics—typically a different organization for each conference. Most of the previous proceedings were printed in limited quantities by the sponsoring government organization and are out of print at this time. However, scanned PDF versions of these proceedings are available on this website via the left Navbar links.

Our New York Publishers:
Starting in 1994, the ICC began publishing its proceedings as hardcover books in the open literature via our New York publishers: Plenum, Kluwer and Springer. These are titled Cryocoolers 8 through Cryocoolers 13 and are availabe in print and eBook format from Amazon, and electonically as B&W PDFs from Springer’s SpringerLink website. SpringerLink links for Cryocoolers 8 to 13 are located on our left Navbar for convenient access to the papers in these volumes.

Now Papers in Color:
Starting in 2006, the ICC began publishing its proceedings as hardcover books in the open literature via our own ICC Press; these books also include a CD of all the papers as color PDFs. Thus, for Cryocoolers 14 on, the author’s papers are available in hardcover book form via Amazon, and as digital color PDFs via the book’s CD and this website.

Formal References:
For those attempting to locate references to earlier conference proceedings, the Proceedings Index link in the left Navbar provides a listing of the eighteen previous ICC proceedings.

The ICC 17 Program and Abstracts can be viewed: Here 

The ICC 18 Program and Abstracts can be viewed: Here 


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