Cryocoolers 19

Cryocoolers 19 archives developments and performance measurements in the field of cryocoolers based on the contributions of leading international experts at the 19th International Cryocooler Conference that was held in San Diego, California, on June 20-23, 2016. The program of this conference lead to the 77 peer-reviewed papers that are published here.

Over the years the International Cryocoolers Conference has become the preeminent worldwide conference for the presentation of the latest developments and test experiences with cryocoolers. The typical applications of this technology include cooling space and terrestrial infrared focal plane arrays, space x-ray detectors, medical applications, and a growing number of high-temperature superconductor applications.

Paper Access: To access the papers, click on the Table of Contents below, locate the desired paper and click on it to download the paper in PDF form.

To Locate a Paper: Proceedings Subject and Author indexes are available below. The subject index also lists all author affiliations, so locating a paper published by a known university or research lab is straightforward using the subject index.

Abstracts Book: The Proceedings Abstracts Book published at the time of the conference is also available for recent conferences as noted below; this booklet has all the detailed meeting information as well as abstracts of all papers initially scheduled for presentation at the conference.


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