ICC Mission

The mission of the International Cryocooler Conference is to enhance cryocooler development by promoting increased communication between worldwide researchers within both the cooler development community and the cryocooler user community.  This has been accomplished by holding an international conference every two years since the inception of the ICC in 1980. 

In addition to the oral and poster presentations at the conferences, the presented developments and performance measurements in the field of cryocoolers are archived in formal written proceedings of each conference.  These proceedings are available for all past conferences and have links on the Past Proceedings tab of this web site.  Our latest proceedings, from 1994 on, are also available for purchase from external book suppliers such as Amazon.

Because the Proceedings’ content is designed for users of cryocoolers as much as for developers of cryocoolers, extra effort has been made to provide a thorough Subject Index that covers  referenced cryocoolers by type and manufacturer’s name, as well as by the scientific or engineering subject matter.  Contributing organizations are also listed in the Subject Index to assist in finding the work of a known institution, laboratory, or manufacturer.  To aide those attempting to locate a particular contributor’s work, a separate Author Index is provided, listing all authors and coauthors.

Typical cryocooler research areas include, but are not limited to, the following:
    Aerospace, commercial and military cryocooler developments
    Advanced analysis and modeling techniques
    Advanced cryocooler component research
    Cryocooler applications – Space, Commercial, Laboratory & Military
    Cryocooler drive electronics development
    Emerging future–generation cryocooler technology
    Micro-scale/MEMS-enabled cryocooler technology
    Miniaturization of cryocoolers
    Stirling, pulse tube, or hybrid cryocoolers
    Reverse Brayton cryocoolers
    Joule-Thomson and Sorption cryocoolers
    Very low temperature (less than 4 K) cryocoolers


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