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ICC21 Rescheduled for:

December 7-10, 2020
as a Totally Virtual Conference

Due to the continually changing situation associated with the COVID-19 coronavirus, the ICC21 Conference Board has formally moved ICC21 from our previous November date to: December 7-10, 2020, and will use a totally Virtual format with Zoom as the primary media. Papers will be posted on the ICC website for viewing by registered attendees during the conference and up through the end of January 2021.

The venue will feature a Plenary talk each day of the conference covering four  important areas of cryocooler development and applications.  Also included will be some open-mic sessions for ICC folks to informally socialize via Zoom.

Presented papers will draw upon the 100 abstracts ICC21 Author's submitted to our Spring-2020 Call-for-Papers AND new Late News papers covering recent important cryocooler achievements since our Spring-2020 Call.

Detailed planning of the new virtual ICC21 conference is underway. Meeting specifics for ICC21 are summarized under the Conference Tab and Authors Tab of this website.  Program updates will be communicated quickly via email and posting on this ICC website.

Note that the New ICC21 Conference is a 4-day conference starting on Monday, December 7.  The CSA Foundations of Cryocoolers Short Course, which is normally on Monday, is being held in stages this year as a separate virtual webinar with sessions from October 6 to 29. 

Thank you for your support and understanding.

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