Cryocoolers 3

Cryocoolers 3 documents the output of the Third Cryocooler Conference, held at the National Bureau of Standards, Boulder, Colorado, on September 17-18, 1984. About 140 people from 10 countries attended the conference representing industry, government, and academia.

A total of 26 papers were presented orally at the conference and all appear in written form in the proceedings. The focus of this conference was on small cryocoolers in the temperature range of 4 - 80 K. Mechanical and nonmechanical types are discussed in the various papers. Applications of these small cryocoolers include the cooling of infrared detectors, cryopumps, small superconducting devices and magnets, and electronic devices. The conference proceedings reproduced here was published by the National Bureau of Standards in Boulder, Colorado, as NBS Special Publication #698.

Availability: The conference proceedings is available free-of-charge below. Hard copies of the proceedings are out-of-print.

Paper Access: Click on the links below to access the full proceedings or an associated document in PDF form. To locate a specific topic, use Acrobat's search tool after opening the proceedings.


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