Submission of Peer Reviews

This Form provides "Browse Buttons" for uploading ICC23 Paper Review Forms and Marked-up Manuscripts by Session Chairs and their delegated reviewers.

Peer Review Upload Instructions

Use this Form to Upload your filled out Paper Review Form  and Marked-Up Manuscript.  Upload your filled-out Review form as a PDF.  Your marked-up manuscript may be a scanned-in copy (PDF) of a  marked-up printout of the manuscript, or a marked-up (or highlighted) Word file or PDF electronic copy of the original manuscript.  If you have a third file of some sort, upload it using the optional 3rd Browse button....and describe it in the comments box.

Your submitted files should be named with the Paper Number and Reviewer's Initials in the following format: 

For PDF Paper Review Form:            
        RVW_Paper#_Initials. filetype

For Marked Up Manuscript:
       MRK_Paper#_Initials. filetype

For example:         

Comments: Please provide any needed comments such as this is an updated version of an earlier submission.

After proofing your entries, hit the Submit Button at the bottom.  A copy of your entries will be emailed to your email address.
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