ICC21 Paper Status Update Form

ICC21 Authors, please update the status of your paper relative to being submitted for inclusion in the ICC21 Virtual Conference agenda.  We encourage you to submit your paper slides, video and manuscript for ICC21.  Please let us know of any last minute changes.

Paper Status Instructions

1) First, [Click Here] to locate the Title and Number for each of your papers.  Note the paper number of your paper (to right of title) and copy its title.

2) Please fill out the form on the right side of this page with the requested material for your paper.  If you have more than one paper, please submit a separate form for each paper:

The Name and Email fields: Your Name and Email  Make sure the email is active and being monitored.  Indicate in comments if this is an updated email address to be used for future communication of ICC21 Author Instructions.
  • Questions Fields:  Please enter your best knowledge as to your current plans for submittal and publication of the listed paper.  We encourage you to submit your paper for inclusion in the ICC21 agenda.  If your plans change..just update us with a resubmitted form.
After proofing your entries, hit the Submit Button at the bottom to email the form to the ICC21 Program Chair; a copy will also be emailed to you.

Based on your input, the ICC21 Chair will update your paper status in our ICC21 agenda.

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