ICC22 On-site + Virtual Format

In response to the Coronavirus-driven concerns of our worldwide audience, ICC22 has selected a Hybrid On-site/Virtual Meeting Format to allow for both face-to-face and virtual authors and attendees.  Our main focus remains on a face-to-face conference, but the virtual option will allow travel-restricted participants to take part.  A summary-level description is provided below. 

New ICC22 Meeting Format: Our new format will consist of traditional face-to-face Oral Sessions, plus the addition of Plenary Talks on Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.  The Plenary Talks will be streamed live to the worldwide virtual attendee audience.   Oral presentations will not be streamed live, but, along with the plenary recordings, will be available on the ICC website for a two-month period during and after the conference as recorded slides with audio narration.

This format accommodates attendees who prefer the face-to-face experience of an on-site conference, as well as those who want to share in the technical program, but are unable to travel to the conference in person.

A total of 75 papers were submitted in the Call for Papers from a total of 14 countries from around the world...about half the papers were from the U.S. and half from the cryo community in other countries.

Registration: Registration is open now, and will be accompanied by on-site registration throughout the conference. There will be two fee structures: one for on-site attendees, and a reduced fee for virtual attendees.

All registered ICC22 attendees (on-site and virtual) will have attendee privileges, including access to the recorded presentations and the contact information database of fellow attendees.  A copy of the conference proceedings, Cryocoolers 22, will ship to all paid attendees (on-site and virtual) approximately six months after the conference. 

Cryocoolers 22 Publication:  Authors will upload camera-ready manuscripts via the ICC website for publication in our hard-bound Cryocoolers 22 proceedings, as was done for ICC21.  These will be peer-reviewed using the web-based system implemented for ICC21.


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