Peer Review Guidelines

Paper peer reviews are conducted by the Conference Session Chairs, who are responsible for the peer reviews of the papers in their session.  This is probably the most important job of the session chair, in addition to presiding over and running their Oral or Poster Session.

To conduct the review, open the fill-out PDF Review Form provided to you for each paper in your session, carefully read the author's paper, and fill the review form out.  If possible, also mark up the author's camera-ready paper copy, scan it in, and submit the mark-up with the Peer Review Form.  If you don't have a needed form, Click HERE to download a blank form.  You must download the form to your computer, as this web site doesn't support filling out the form out on line.

Two peer reviews are required per paper, one managed by each session chair, to ensure the quality and integrity of the Cryocoolers proceedings.

A session chair may delegate any particular review to an alternate, but the Session Chair has the responsibility to follow‐through on the peer review and ensure that it is submitted on time.

Deadline for completion of the peer review is 4 weeks after the conference.

Submittal Process

Email the completed forms and marked up manuscripts to  Please, no USPS or Express mail.

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